By: David Chung

Hello, my name is David Chung and I will talk about my life so far. Before I was baptized, I was born in Georgia into a Christian family. I went to church every week in my life and I enjoyed it. I would always wait until Sunday to go to church to learn more about God and be fascinated by all of the incredible acts that God has done to everything. When I learned about Jesus dying on the cross to sacrifice his life to wash away our sins, I thought that this was not really important and I just thought about it because you were supposed too. Later in my life, now, I realize that this was the only way we can live with God forever in heaven. I would just think about God and Jesus as the very important people who did great things, but nothing more.

Now, I realize that this is not the case. I read Acts 2: 38 and it inspired me to get baptized. It reads, “ Peter replied, ‘Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.’” This helped me realize that if I get baptized, then that means that this shows that I have accepted Jesus into my life and he will be with me forever. Ever since I saw other people get baptized last year, I realized that they accepted Jesus into their hearts, and that I can be baptized anytime, so I decided that any chance I get, I will get baptized.

After I got baptized, I have gotten some massive changes in my life even though it has only been a few weeks since I got baptized. Somedays, I would have tons of weight on my shoulders, and now it feels like my life has been refreshed and all of that weight and stress has gone away. I feel like a new person ever since I got baptized. Being baptized changed my life because it let me make wise choices. Being baptized meant that I showed that I accepted Jesus into my life, and with Jesus Christ in my life, I am now different in many ways. One way it let me be different is that I am now a different person. A way that I am different is that I changed from thinking about how God made these miracles happen, to now thinking about why God did this. I read the bible briefly after I got baptized, and I read about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins again, and I realized something. I realized that God sacrificed his one and only Son to die on the cross to wash away our sins because God loved us so much that he let his loving son die to let us be with God forever in heaven. Now understanding why God did these things to help us, I feel like my life changed drastically.

Now, I promise that I will be a better Christian now by spreading the word of God wherever I go do then they can be saved with God forever in heaven. I will also be a better Christian by reading the bible more and reading more about all of the wonderful things that had happened. Also, I will just be a good person and help anyone in need. Being a better Christian will allow me to be a better person in general. I promise that I will be a better person for everyone, and being a better Christian will allow me to strive as a good person for all and then I can be a role model for people. When I say that I promise that I will be a better person, I am not saying that this would be easy. I know that this would take a long time, and I know that it would be very hard to accomplish, but I know that with God by my side, I will be able to become a better person eventually. So, basically, I will promise that I will be a better Christian by doing anything possible, and I will follow the 10 commandments to become a better person and become a better Christian so everyone can be happier.

So, anyways, thank you for taking your time to listen to me talk with my confession for God, and I say thank you for listening to my testimony!